John Feely


2016 has proven a watershed year in the young career of John Feely, based between Mongolia and Sydney, Australia. Not only did he earn the title of Emerging Australian Photographer of the Year in the 2016 Capture Magazine Awards, who also named him Emerging Documentary Photographer and runner up for Emerging Portrait Photographer of the Year, his exhibition The Outsiders at Sydney’s Gaffa Gallery was touted as a headline event in the Head On Photo Festival, and he became a member of the Oculi Photographic Collective.

Influenced by his previous careers as a behavioural advisor in education and youth detention, his career been developed alongside stints assisting some of Australia’s premier commercial photographers. His work takes an allegorical approach, with a focus on the stories told by the images and people contained within them, and has been featured in CNN photo, Geo (Europe), and other publications.

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