Shop Small — American Express, Ogilvy Sydney

To highlight American Express' commitment to small businesses, John Laurie shot their Shop Small campaign between Sydney and Melbourne. Working with the team at both Amex and Ogilvy to identify and recce potential businesses, John found unique opportunities spread across both cities to allow for localised targeting in key areas. The shoot incorporated BTS photography and motion, alongside a large number of stills over the four days.

As one of the first pivots from animation to live action, this shoot was successful enough to be re-licensed in Australia and for some international use since the shoot. 

Photographer: John Laurie
Producer: Ross Colebatch
Assistants: Romello Pereira & Rob Churchus
Digital Operators: Michael Rees-Lightfoot & Bryn Donkersloot
BTS/Camera Operators: Dan Mazzarella & Dan Hilburn
Wardrobe Stylists: Emma Kalfus, Kyah Bell & Jodi Wuestewald
Hair & Make Up: Margo Regan & Heather Ross