Michael Corridore

Suncorp - Home Lending

COVID has resulted in a lot of change to commercial industry practises, not to mention society at large; With our social bonds and cultural activities we previously took for granted becoming important memories. Our relationship with family and finances has been a large part of the pandemic - So with Queensland’s main finance bank Suncorp it was important to create a finance advertisement that illustrated the importance of family bonds… And a friendly bit of family competition.

As a stills production that was based off the back of a television commercial, the motion side of production had already organized sets, props, wardrobe, talent and location. Where Michael came in was to make the motion content  fit together in the context of a stills campaign, bringing his eye for detail and design, as well as getting animated performances from the talent. 

As the bank campaign was shot in the midst of social distancing regulations, Photoplay Photography had to organize a clean, sanitary and socially distanced set - The small size of which posed some logistical and creative challenges.

Energy levels aren’t a problem when the talent are two excitable young boys vying for control of the family sporting crown - But to keep in line with regulations, the room could not fit the child talent, adult talent, and Michael. Furthermore, although the child talent lived together, the adult talent did not live with them - The decision was made to shoot the adult talent separately to the children, putting the group back together in post production. It was an interesting challenge to get the detail of performance in this situation, such as correct eyelines and all the performances in sync. Michael Corridore’s steady hand and experience in both highly technical and deeply creative commercials kept the shoot, talent, and schedule going smoothly.

This applied to crew as much as it did talent, And involved crew often having to spill out of the house and into the yard. With all the time we’ve all been inside however, a bit of fresh air was hardly a bad thing. 

The results were a personable and energetic stills campaign that stands on its own merits, while still being a great accompaniment to the television commercial. It was a great chance for Michael Corridore and Photoplay Photography to pursue our renowned technical and craft based photography in a COVID safe environment.