Romello Pereira


Two decades of experience in the photography industry lie behind Romello Pereira’s meticulously resolute portfolio of work, underlining his singular focus for specifics. His eye for detail has formulated a strong and defining visual narrative, though his conscientiousness for correctly aligned verticals and adhering to the rule of thirds has been known to impact upon the relaxed nature of the odd family gathering.

Beginning right back in 1998, when he was awarded the AIPP’s Australian Student/Emerging Photographer of the Year Award, he has had continued success over the years, including appearances in the Fuji ACMP Australian Photographers Collections, and a finalist on a number of occasions in the Lucie Foundation’s International Photography Awards. His "Pigeon Prince" garnered the second highest print score in the history of the APPAs at the time. Most recently, Romello photographed the Cannes Gold Lion winning activation for 'Grave of Thrones'.

Romello’s interest spans a number of genres, with his pursuit for compositional perfection and crafted lighting lending his talents to architecture, studio and commercial work. He has proven himself with small teams requiring a collaborative approach, as well as commercial productions in need of his communication skills and talented direction.

Whilst he has ticked off many personal milestones (whether scouting atoll cayes in The Bahamas or surviving a sinking Kenyan Dhow), his favourite challenge is always the next one.

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