Sarah Adamson


If a photographer's work is an indication of how they see the world then Sarah Adamson is having a great time. Her vibrant visual style and subversive approach to fashion, music and advertising has earned her the attention of collaborators both local and abroad.

Sarah's work has an energy about it that gets people excited. It's a vibe thing – real joy, real emotion and real personality wrapped up in a premium aesthetic. As a multidisciplinary creative, Sarah contributes to every part of the creative process ensuring the end result always feels effortless, spontaneous and original. Sarah's inimitable 'behind-the-lens' personality gives her work an added intimacy and candidness that sets her apart from her peers.

Primarily working across fashion, Sarah focuses on the natural portrayal of people and creating genuine imagery that is both commercial and creative. If you are looking for something that both jumps off the page (or screen or whatever) and is grounded in authenticity then Sarah is your photographer.

Kathmandu / Special Group

Only Renting

Only Renting

Only Renting

Only Renting